Elizabeth II leaves to attend Memorial Sunday


Queen Elizabeth II has canceled her participation in an official ceremony in London on 14 November. According to Buckingham Palace, the king wounded her in the back. A new health concern for British sovereignty has eagerly awaited his first public appearance since he was admitted to hospital last month.

With our correspondent in the United Kingdom, Claire Digiomy

She had missed the ceremony only six times in the past. Because she traveled abroad or because she was pregnant with two younger children. Therefore, it was expected that the Queen would attend this Memorial Day this Sunday. She had too ” Firm intention To get there, Buckingham Palace mentioned a few days ago.

Hard to stand

The official statement finally announced this morning that he was staying at Windsor Castle due to back pain. It would have been difficult for the king to stand for long minutes or walk through the large corridors of the Foreign Ministry, from where he would have followed the ceremony. We must not forget that Elizabeth II is now 95 years old.

Promising signs

But the announcement raises concerns about the Queen’s health, as she had already had to cancel a visit to Glasgow for COP26. For the first time in eight years he spent a night in hospital at the end of October. On the advice of his doctors, his schedule has been greatly reduced in recent weeks. But Elizabeth II gave even more reassuring signs, for example by taking the wheel of her car in the Windsor. Last week he even traveled by helicopter to his Sandringham property.

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