Elizabeth II feels a “great emptiness” after the death of Prince Philip

Their son Andrew said after a memorial service Sunday that Prince Philip’s death, two months before his 100th birthday, leaves a “big void” in the life of Queen Elizabeth II’s 73-year-old wife.

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He died “peacefully” on Friday in Windsor Castle in west London, the man who became the patriarch of the royal family, a man known for his strong personality and candor, as well as his devotion to the Queen and the homeland.

Andrew said in an interview with British television after a Mass in Windsor that the Queen “described it as a great void in her life.”

Andrew, 61, who has not held a public office since 2019 due to his friendly relations with the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein, accused of trafficking in minors, added: “He was a wonderful man. I loved him as much as you love him as a father.”

For his part, her brother Prince Edward, 57, described the “terrible shock” that “the family is trying to accept.” The day before, the heir to the crown, Charles, 72, had said that his “dear father” “missed him so much”.

While the public has been urged not to gather due to the pandemic, people have been honored since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, with gunfire firing across the UK on Saturday and minutes of silence in the stadiums.

Archbishop Justin Welby, spiritual leader of the Anglicans, called on Sunday to pray for the grieving royals during a memorial service at Canterbury Cathedral.

The prince’s funeral, which is taking place next Saturday, causes Prince Harry, exiled in the United States, to return to the United Kingdom since his resounding withdrawal from the royal family, which raises hopes for reconciliation with a family disputes erupted in broad daylight.

In the midst of the pandemic, only 30 people will attend the concert, which will take place at Windsor Castle. The four children of Prince Philip and Elizabeth II (Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward) are expected to attend with their spouses and children.

Lack of support

Harry will be from California. In contrast, his wife Megan, 39, who is expecting her second child this summer, will remain in the United States. Buckingham Palace said her doctor advised her not to travel to the UK.

It’s a big comeback for Charles and Diana’s younger son, after his shocking interview with his wife for Oprah Winfrey on March 7. He left the usual reserve to members of the British royal family, and accused “The Firm”, the monarchy’s nickname, of not being able to support his wife, when she mentioned her suicidal thoughts.

Harry and his wife, who is mixed-race, spoke of the racism of a member of the royal family, who would have questioned the skin color of their unborn child, making it clear to the camera that he was not the Queen or her husband.

Harry, 36, also said he was “really disappointed” by the lack of support from his father, Prince Charles, and revealed that he had distanced himself from his brother William.

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‘Joint pain’

Since retiring from the royal family over a year ago, Harry has never set foot in the UK again.

On Saturday, Harry and William will follow their grandfather’s coffin on foot to St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, where the ceremony will take place, recalling pictures of the two brothers together behind the posthumous picture of their mother, Diana. In 1997, in Paris.

“Both are fully aware of their common history, and they will undoubtedly remember the place their grandfather lived in their lives. A source within the monarchy told the popular newspaper:” There is hope for an occasion like this, when the brothers are united in pain, to take a new turn. ” woman.

Harry, Duke of Sussex, will definitely use his time in the UK to spend time with his grandmother Elizabeth II, who turns 95 on April 21. In recent months, he has kept in touch with her. He will also find his father who, according to him, has stopped answering the phone for a while.

To calm tensions, “you will count on Harry,” it is estimated the sun Tom Bauer, author of Prince Charles biography, Sunday. “If he comes with a belligerent stance, confident of his rights and devoid of any blame, he risks concluding a permanent divorce with his family.”

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