Elite: Netflix Already Confirms Season 6

While the release date for Season 5 of “Elite” is still unknown, Netflix just announced that Season 6 will see the light of day. On October 28, the platform’s Twitter account posted: “Good news: Elite has been renewed for Season 6! A surprising statement as much as it will satisfy fans of the series. So new characters must appear in the rest of the show. For this fifth season, only Samuel and Omar will remain from the original cast. Present in the halls of Las Encinas High School. We will also find Rebeka and Cayetana. But these four students may leave town to continue their studies at the end of season 5. Who will be the heroes of Episode VI? Patrick and his sisters Ari and Mancia? Or Frenchman Philip? One thing is certain, new faces will appear. Soon, they include Brazilian actor Andre Lamoglia, Argentine actress Valentina Zinner and French actor Adam Noro. They will respectively play Gonzalo, Sophia and Eric as revealed on their Instagram accounts.

New short stories about the program

Mini-series derived from “Elite” will also resume. This “short stories” format focuses on the relationships between the characters in the series and aims to maintain audience patience ahead of upcoming seasons. In December, three new stories will be available on Netflix. The first will be released on December 15 and will be dedicated to Kaytana, Philip and Philippe. On December 20, the second episode, which focuses on the story between Omar and Patrick, will be online, and then on December 23, a final round of episodes will be dedicated to Patrick. Each of them will be themed around the Christmas holidays.

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