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Canada will play its first pre-season game for the World Junior Hockey Championship on Thursday, but coach Dave Cameron is slow to find the number one goalkeeper, who should pick from the “cream of the crop.”

Last year, Keebaker Devon Levy was named André Turini’s right-hand man even before the first CPM. His counterpart has had more time to keep an eye on his teammates with team duels called off due to COVID-19, but the cards are still unclear for Cameron.

“When you deal with cream of the crop, they make all your decisions difficult. If it takes too long, it’s because we haven’t played a game. It affected a little bit everything, but maybe even more than the goalkeeper situation,” the former Ottawa Senators driver admitted at a conference press release on Wednesday.

Cameron will particularly look to Quebec’s Olivier Michaud, his goalkeeper advisor, to make a decision. He has three proven goalkeepers on hand which are Sebastian Koussa, Brett Brochu and Dylan Garand.

“We’ve had a lot of discussions, and we’ve considered several scenarios,” said a PEI resident.

A vote of confidence?

In 2020, Procho was cut ahead of the pre-season games. This time around, the goalkeeper who wasn’t recruited by the National Hockey League team definitely has things to prove.

Kosa, the 6’6-inch Giant, claims to be the first-round pick of the Detroit Red Wings for 2021. Albertan could enter the championship in his home province.

When asked about Dylan Garand’s potential, Cameron praised producer Kamloops Blazers. And last year’s runner-up for Levi, the masked 19-year-old may have gotten his start.

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“He’s a good goalkeeper. I’m not the best at analyzing goalkeepers, but he’s a great athlete. The coach said his track record and everything he’s accomplished so far makes him an elite goalkeeper and that’s what he’s here for. I loved him in the training camp. He’s very competitive.”

In this first match against the Russians, the Canadians risk paws being caught by Yaroslav Askarov, one of the most exciting young goalkeepers on the planet. The Nashville Predators haven’t always performed well in the junior championships. Will his third and final participation be the occasion?

Ants in the legs

Every entry in the World Junior Hockey Championship comes with a few butterflies, which is pretty cool. This time, for Team Canada, the players have ants in their legs.

With most pre-season games canceled, Dave Cameron’s men will only have one game Thursday night against Russia in Edmonton. Although Rogers Place will only be half full, you can feel the excitement of hockey players.

“It’s a little different for everyone, but I was excited to jump on the ice in training,” striker Kent Johnson told a news conference on Wednesday. Some players are tired of training, they want matches, but I’m happy to practice. I can’t wait to play tomorrow [jeudi]. »

Johnson and his buddies had just had one last training session before the big day. Suppose he will change meetings within the team.

“We want to get back to that level of competition where you play against a good team instead of your teammates,” said Cameron, who looked very calm as the first test approached.

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“It may be cliched, but we go day in and day out,” Johnson added.

In the last edition of the tournament, the Canadians ended the adventure of the Russians with a 5-0 correction in the semi-finals. Then they lost in the bronze medal match against the Finns. Maple Leaf had to be content with the silver medal in the final, after it was defeated by the United States.

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