Electronic Arts will prepare a revival of the horror story Dead Space

© EA

After nearly 10 years without a new Dead Space game, the famous license can return!

electronic arts EA Play Live will be hosting on July 22 to reveal its various upcoming games. Right now, we already know that the big topic will be next Battlefield 2042. But according to some sources, it may be possible for EA to announce important news.

In fact, according to Jeff Grob, a journalist at GamesBeat, it looks like EA is announcing a file dead space. In a video posted on YouTube, Jeff Group spoke about A “Re-license” We must see it “If we hadn’t slept before”. Insisting on the word “dead,” was the journalist really referring to Dead Space? According to him, EA Motive will reinvent licensing. So it will not be a fourth composition, but a revival.

This is what many netizens have told themselves, so much so that they shot the web. Do we have the right to revive the dead space? To find out, you have to be patient and wait for the official confirmation from EA on July 22.

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