Elected Democrats are fleeing Texas to prevent the passage of controversial legislation

Dozens of Democrats elected in Texas on Monday left their southern state of the United States to block the adoption of a controversial electoral law favored by a Republican majority in the Texas parliament.

Texas law authorizes the arrest of elected state officials who are absent during voting sessions and, if necessary, compulsorily bringing them within the bounds of Parliament. This is why these elected officers decided to fly to a place where the Texas Police do not have the authority to act.

“My fellow Democrats and I are leaving the state to prevent a quorum being reached and to torpedo the bill restricting voting in Texas,” Democratic House Representative James Talarigo said in a tweet from Texas.

The elected official said he was flying to Washington and then tweeted a photo showing him at the base of an airplane, with another Democratic woman from Texas by his side.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris congratulated these elected officials during their visit to Michigan and wished them to “give a free voice by voting to protect the rights of all Americans and all Texans.”

Former Democratic presidential candidate Betto O’Rourke also praised their move, saying on Twitter that these elected officials represent “the courage the country currently needs.”

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott lamented their departure.

“The decision of the Texas Democrats to prevent Koram from meeting … damages the Texans who chose to serve them.” When they cross the country on convenient private planes, they leave unresolved issues, ”he said in a statement.

“It’s time to go back to work,” Greg Abbott argued on Twitter.

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Texas’ elected Democrats adopted this restrictive law in the run-up to the election in late May, later qualifying it as an “attack on democracy” by US President Joe Biden.

They largely missed the ballot arranged for this bill in the Texan Parliament and could not reach the required quorum.

The law, already favored by Republicans in Georgia and Florida, officially aims to make elections safer by banning “drive-in” voting or imposing a number of restrictions on voting times and postal voting.

But these restrictions often target rules that make it easier for minorities to vote, especially African Americans in general who are pro-democracy in general.

After the presidential election, bills restricting access to the vote at the initiative of Republicans abounded in the states.

President Joe Biden will speak from Philadelphia on the East Coast on Tuesday about his “sacred, constitutional measures to protect the right to vote.”

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