Eight minutes of gameplay presented at Gamescom

Forza Horizon 5 was revealed in detail at Gamescom 2021. Eight minutes of gameplay were offered for the racing games main license, for what could be called a true technical and visual powerhouse.

[Mis à jour le 25 août 2021 à 11h58] Forza Horizon has become the standard for modern racing games, and no one is denying that. After the fourth edition released in 2018, which was hailed by critics (who collected a score of 92 out of 100 on Metacritic) as a true tech showcase for the Xbox One, the Microsoft-developed Playground Games exclusive returns with Forza Horizon 5, a new shutter that’s more newer than ever. Attractive graphics, smooth gameplay and basically fun, the license has all the keys at hand to conquer once again a very popular type of game, in the next generation era.

It’s a real strength that the Playground Games teams achieved during the Xbox conference at Gamescom 2021, by delivering nearly eight minutes of gameplay from Forza Horizon 5. Stunning graphics, and an almost perfect sound environment, we’re only drawing positives from this presentation. Volcanoes, sandstorms, rocky coastlines and tropical forests, it all in the Ford Bronco Badlands, Mercedes AMG, Corvette Stingray, Porsche 911 and Forza Horizon 5 amaze us. It looks like this Xbox exclusive will become the standard for racing games, and will be available from November 9 In the Xbox Game Pass.

After the opulent landscapes of Great Britain, in Mexico we find our speed buffs, in an open world that has never been this spacious with different biomes larger than life. If you feel like we’re repeating ourselves, it’s because Forza Horizon is known for its beautiful graphics. And this fifth installment is no exception to the rule with nearly 11 different biomes, each more impressive than the next. While browsing the map, you may encounter various weather phenomena, such as sandstorms or tropical cyclones. Recently, during a 30-minute video, Forza Horizon 5 introduced itself to fans, with comments from Mike Brown and Konar Cross, respectively, creative director and co-artistic director of Playground Games.

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If beautiful landscapes are as essential to the success of a sporty game as they are contemplative, it is imperative that car models follow suit. This is one of the strengths of Forza Horizon 5, which prides itself on including a greater number of vehicles than its predecessor, which had no fewer than 450. In addition to the older models, Forza Horizon 5 also stands out for the excellent sound recording of the engines of its vehicles, creating a visual and acoustic world It is the most faithful one that will appeal to any player, fan of motorsports or not. The game has a story mode and a multiplayer arcade mode to play alone or with friends.

First pictures of Forza Horizon 5

Playground Games also published the first images of eleven different biomes for Forza Horizon 5, and we can say we were amazed. These landscapes represent Mexico in a semi-realistic way, and show us the ambitions of this fifth part of the series. And we must add to those car models that are as faithful as life, for a cocktail that promises to be excellent and which may be talked about for a long time.

Forza Horizon 5 will be released on Xbox Series, but also on PC. However, to run a game of this quality in good conditions, a relatively powerful machine is recommended. Xbox has shared the minimum system requirements to run this next generation racing game. The recommended configuration is not yet known, but it will probably be necessary to arm yourself with a computer with a fairly high performance.

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Minimum configuration:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 version 15063.0 or later
  • Processor: Intel i3-4170 @ 3.7Ghz or Intel i5 750 @ 2.67Ghz
  • RAM: 8 GB of memory
  • Graphics: Nvidia 650TI or AMD R7250x
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Network: broadband internet connection
  • Disk Space: 80 GB

Forza Horizon 5 premiered at Xbox & Bethesda conference at E3 2021, release date, November 9 the following. Thus, going out at the end of the year, will delight fans of racing games and brighten up the winter nights. Who does not dream of racing on asphalt roads and off-road in Mexico at full speed in a Porsche or Ford Bronco? A fairly easy question, which impatient people can answer by pre-ordering the game if they wish. The game is available in three editions, the Standard Edition for a modest €69.99, €89.99 for the Deluxe version, and €99.99 for the Premium version (which includes early access to the game on November 5th as well as the first two extensions). Forza Horizon 5 will also be available upon release on Xbox Game Pass, and will be released on Xbox Xbox X| S et PC.

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