Eidos Montreal has reportedly launched production of a new Deus Ex game

The return of the legendary license? according to Jason Schreyernew game The former god It will be under development in Eidos Montreal ; As a reminder, Square Enix’s studio was acquired last August by embraceGiant entity Who owns a billion in particular.

Since the release of Humanity is divided in 2016The saga was on hiatus, before it was even sold out embrace ; The group seems to have important projects Regarding that, that’s in the near future. While Square Enix just announced the closure of its studio Unomastill in Montreal, many of the employees could have been recovered and moved to Eidos.

We don’t know at the moment what stage this new project will be, but given the relatively recent change of ownership, we imagine it embryonic stage It seems reasonable. However, the staff had never hidden their desire for it Re-license The former godIt is easy to imagine that some of the ideas or concept arts were already ready for use.

interesting fact, Elias Tovexis He doesn’t seem to know anything about the project. The official voice actor for Adam Jensen He was not called to reprise the role, but there are several possible reasons for this; In fact, if the project just launched, it stands to reason that the voice actors have not yet been included, and that move comes later. It’s also possible that Jensen won’t be present in this new opus, but he still has to wait A few years and an official announcement For confirmation …

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