Egypt | British and American lawmakers denounced this crackdown

(Nicosia) About 50 US and British parliamentarians urged US President Joe Biden in a public message to discuss with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday the “widespread engineering of repression” in his country.

Posted yesterday at 4:33 pm.

Mr. Biden will participate in a summit of Gulf leaders in Saudi Arabia on Saturday that will also be attended by Mr. Sisi, whose country is one of the United States’ biggest regional allies but is also the host of COP27 scheduled for November.

“All eyes are on Egypt,” according to the letter signed in particular by former candidates for the highest positions in Washington, Bernie Sanders, and in London, Jeremy Corbyn.

“Use the means you have with your Egyptian partners to immediately address the issue of illegal travel bans, frozen assets, and pretrial detention,” the letter continues.

All of these methods, established by law in Egypt, are often used outside of time limits or legal frameworks, according to human rights defenders, particularly against figures seen as opposing the regime of Mr. Sisi, a former field marshal who ousted him. His Islamist predecessor Mohamed Morsi in the 2013 coup.

It is “a key element in Egypt’s broad campaign to suppress civil society that allows the authorities to silence critics without the international attention that would attract prison sentences,” accusing the speech of deputies and senators.

For now, two pro-democracy figures are at the center of all the attention: Egyptian-British Alaa Abdel-Fattah, icon of the 2011 “revolution”, who has been in detention since 2019 and on hunger strike for more than 100 days, and Karim El-Nara, her husband. British documentary director Jess Kelly, member of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, the most prominent human rights NGO in Egypt.

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The latter is free, but like four other members or former members of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, he is forbidden to travel or access his accounts and they all live with the sword of Damocles over their heads: their name is now blacklisted for “terrorists” and a return to prison is possible in any time.

“I invite Mr. Biden to speak about my husband, who has been detained in Egypt for nearly two years, which has prevented us from starting a life together in Great Britain, and travel bans are separating families,” M. said in a press release.I Kelly.

Foreign capitals and their advisors in Cairo, which are regularly requested, ensure that discussing these issues behind closed doors is more effective.

The 55 signatories responded, “Discussing these issues in private with President Sisi and his foreign minister has not yielded any of the results we hope the United States and Great Britain will act on.”

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