Egis wants to double its sales

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The engineering group recorded a 5% decrease in its sales volume in 2020. However, in the viability of its model, it confirmed that it aims to join the “world top 10” in its sector and would welcome a major new contributor to achieve this.

« 2020 will be a testing year “No one could have imagined facing such limitations,” said Laurent German, CEO of Egis, while presenting the annual results of the consulting, engineering and infrastructure operations group.

It’s really hard to deny the extraordinary and unpredictable nature of the past year. Between the Widespread shift to remote work, construction sites shutdown in March, municipal elections postponed, 60% drop in global air trafficIn recent months, companies have not missed opportunities to test their strength.

At the time of its annual review, Egis announced on its part, A. Turnover of 1.07 billion euros, down 5% compared to 2019 (€ 1.130 billion), despite a 37% decrease in its activities linked to the 17 airports it operates. Coupled with limited business turnover erosion in 2020, Operating profitability remains at a very good level at 11%, compared to 12% in the previous year », Stands out its leader. Concretely, EBITDA amounted to 119 million euros, reaching 138 million euros in 2019.

To these results, others have been added and we are allowed to do soPredicting future growth. During the same period, the company experienced Orders grow by 5% to € 927 million and bring the order book to a record high of € 1,240 billion, 95 million more than in 2019. We sure, the group now relies on Revenue growth of 6% in 2021, and operating profitability of over 11% It even plans to generate an additional 40 million euros by accelerating external growth.

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A growing market

For Laurent Germain, these numbers and forecast reflect growth in Egis’ preferred markets. “We will benefit from long-term trends such as demographic growth, urbanization, and the fight against carbon dioxide emissions. There are many dynamics driving the demand for infrastructure and its connectivity development to become less carbon intensive.

With 62% of its sales abroad, Egis is now intending to act in order to seize these opportunities So are the ones that will sprout, this time in the short term, from various global stimulus plans. It was claimed, this ambition was formalized in Strategic Business Project called “Future Impact”, Unanimously by the Board of Directors. Purpose: ” Join the top 10 engineering groups in the world ».

Currently It sits between the 20th and 23rd places, in a market dominated by Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian companiesSo the Egis must Double its sales volume between 2021 and 2026. To do this, it intends to strengthen itself, geographically and In the field of railways and construction activities, especially industrial, but also to complement its skills in the fields of renewable energies Carrying out “significant acquisitions to develop in high-potential and growing markets such as the USA and Southeast Asia,” explains Laurent German. Should strategy Expanding at the same pace of engineering and operations activities to preserve existing stocks.


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