Edge Chromium – Microsoft Browser will share browsing data with Windows 10 and block the videos that are playing automatically

Microsoft Edge Chromium browser will soon offer new features, such as sharing data with Windows 10 or the ability to block auto-playing videos.

Based on Chromium, the browser edge from Microsoft It will evolve to presentAdditional options.

It is, for example, an issue Sharing browsing data with Windows 10 features, Such as searching, via the Edge option to “share browsing data with other Windows features” to be activated or not.

When enabled, Microsoft Edge will connect the profile’s local browsing data to the rest of Windows. Enabling this feature will help you more easily find information in the History, Favorites, Top Sites, and Recent tabs by using features such as the Windows Search Box.

While some will appreciate this novelty, they will see it as a file Intruding on their privacy.

Another planned option is Ability to block video playback Otherwise, it runs automatically.

These two new features are currently in beta testing in Edge’s Canary channel.

Source: Techdows: 1And 2

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