Ecology. In the UK, a bonus is for retired farmers

To encourage a new generation of farmers who are more attentive to environmental transformation, the UK will offer its older farmers a pension reward, according to the BBC.

The big explosion of British agriculture began after Brexit. Boris Johnson’s government on Thursday launched consultations across the country to lay out the details of a plan to get older farmers into the retirement they deserve. Bring it back BBC. Nearly four in ten British farmers are over the age of 65, with an average of 59 years (52 in France).

A move away from the spirit of the Common Agricultural Policy

So far, Johnson’s Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustis, has lamented that EU aid has favored large landowners and operators have not encouraged them to implement new, more benign practices, especially with regard to the environment. And farmers supported by the billions of the European Common Agricultural Policy also tend to do so “To keep their lands in order to obtain support”, Note no BBC.

When announcing a new agricultural plan last November, Eustice indicated that aid based on land ownership, a legacy of the Common Agricultural Policy, will be cut in half in 2024 and disappear by 2028. So, a model for reinvention, a new generation. Set foot in. “Eustice wants the older generation to take charge, and is reluctant to use alternative methods,” The British Channel summarizes on its website.

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To allow the arrival of a new generation more inclined to it

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