EA is giving a boost to the next chapter of Battlefield

Good news for fans of the Battlefield franchise: Electronic Arts have begun laying their pawns in preparation for a new release! After the disappointment of the previous creator, Battlefield 2042, the studio decided to take on a role.

Featured Image: EA

In text on the EA websiteByron Beede, Head of Experience, announced that development for the next chapter of Battlefield has been awarded to a newcomer to his studios, Ridgeline Games. It is led by Marcus Leto, one of the creators behind Halo.

About a year ago, Lehto announced his arrival with this developer in Seattle.

In addition, it appears that this new chapter could take the form of a narrative campaign for a single player.

Marcus will bring to Battlefield his long experience creating fantastic worlds and captivating narratives. Supported by a world-class team, he’ll lead the development of a story-driven campaign in the Battlefield universe that engages fans in new and exciting ways while staying true to classic series elements.

Curious, isn’t it?

Moreover, this new Battlefield will be equipped without the first hour column of the franchise.

Creative Director Lars Gustafsson, who has been with the franchise from the start and is affectionately known as Mr. Battlefield, decided he was ready for a new adventure. We would like to thank him for his invaluable expertise, experience and friendship over all these years.

We will have to follow up, over the next few months, with the release of new information on this topic, but it will probably be necessary to wait a few years before this project materializes.

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