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should know: It was an exciting time for The Bureau, a production company founded in 2000 by French CEO Bertrand Vivre, who joined British producer Tristan Colliger in 2010. The company has consistently won premium votes on both low and high budgets with credit-setting credits, including Including Roger Michael. weekendAndrew Hayes 45 yearsBy Alim Khan after love and Jessica Hausner Little Joe, the latter is a co-production with Coop99 Filmproduktion (Austria) and Essential Filmproduktion (Germany). Several British TV projects are in development in the office, while it recently acquired France’s TV documentary company Folmore Productions and forms a partnership with French film producer Bruno Dumont Jean Brehot. The office also has a sales department based in Paris.

Personal key: Bertrand Favreau, Tristan Colliger, Mathieu de Bragonier, producers; Gerardine Oflin, Production Manager; Valentina Brasini, Head of Development; Vincent Cadell, Head of Legal and Commercial Affairs.

to visit: Console ends sitting duckWith Isabel Hubbard Taxes if you can. The message appears Nathaniel Martello White Stress, the first Office product on Netflix. An adaptation of Max Porter’s book is in development chromatic New titles with Rachel Wise, Harry Woodliffe and Hay.

Bertrand Favre says: Theatrical experience became extremely rare. We co-produced a feature film special, The Velvet Queen, which required a cinematic experience.

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