Dyslexia: This new app helps children and adults

Between 5 and 8% of French people suffer from dyslexia-related disorders, according to the French Federation of Dyslexia. A huge percentage has led startup Facil’iti to imagine an app that can help people read better.

Do you have a written language disorder? If the answer is positive, know that you are not alone and that solutions are there to accompany you on a daily basis. This week at CES in Las Vegas, young French company Facil’iti unveiled MYdys, a mobile application capable of supporting the 5 to 8% of French people who suffer from dyslexia.

MYdys (available on iOS and soon on Android) aims to offer an experience specifically designed to overcome this disorder, which can be annoying on a daily basis for children, but also for adults who wouldn’t dare talk about it to those around them.

custom application

Concretely, this application invites you to take a picture with a file smart phone the text you want to read. It is then possible to have a customized reading sequence adapted to your visual impairment. The interface allows “to change the size of letters and font, and the spacing of words and lines, to help read more garbled or inverted letters and numbers” (this is sometimes the case for 9 and 6, or d and a b), or to modify colors to increase contrast and readability,” it specifies The company said in a press release: The tool also provides translation into more than 21 languages, and even voice synthesis of text.

If the MYdys app is free within 30 scans per month, people who want to use it frequently should know that a paid subscription system is offered. Thus, it will cost €2.99 per month for up to 600 scans and €5.99 for more than 10,000 scans per month. At the same time, startup Facil’iti is also developing a solution to “translate” web pages for people with dyslexia.

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