Drummondville now has its own Ruche d’Art

Arts. Seasoned and novice artists can now freely immerse themselves in various forms of artistic and creative expression in one place. Located in the heart of downtown Drummondville, the Espace Rivier offers Ruche d’art.

Developed in 2011 at Concordia University in Montreal, the Art Ruche concept is now a ubiquitous, community art approach that welcomes everyone as artists. It is a place open to all and free of charge. It is neither a course nor a workshop, but a meeting that we create together.

Every Friday morning, beginning on September 10, as well as on the fourth Saturday of the month, people will be greeted by art therapist, Kathia Leduc. No need to have artistic skills because it is a moment of freedom and fun in a welcoming space where everyone can respectfully discuss their own experience. Indeed, this concept is conducive to multiple opportunities for dialogue, participation, knowledge and artistic creativity and thus the promotion of social inclusion.

Several types of artistic media can be practiced according to his inspiration at the moment: drawing, drawing, writing, collage, sewing, and more. Technical equipment as well as recovered materials are provided to all.

Since access to it is completely free, Art Hive is based, among other things, on the principle of donating materials and sharing resources to be able to offer various artistic materials to artists for creative reuse. (cgm)

For more information and to keep up with new projects: the Espace Rivier Facebook page or 819474-5854.

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