Drought doesn’t mix with 4th of July fireworks in Los Angeles

City officials have warned that the US National Day fireworks run counter to the chronic drought plaguing Los Angeles like much of California, and urged residents to exercise restraint.

Americans celebrate their National Day on July 4, the anniversary of their declaration of independence from the British Empire in 1776, and often take advantage of the evenings to share a drink while setting off fireworks in their garden.

The municipality of Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States, is asking its citizens more than ever this year to refrain from an illegal practice that could cause devastating fires.

“All fireworks are illegal in the city for personal use, and licensed professional shows are the only places Angelines should go” on July 4, city attorney Mike Foer said.

“The risk of devastating fires from fireworks and rapid spread is dangerous this year, not to mention the usual injury risks,” he continued, urging Los Angeles residents to “leave fireworks to the professionals.”

California is in the grip of a chronic drought that has reached record levels this year.

Firefighters are deeply concerned as summer approaches the dangers of already extremely dry vegetation, while the American West has already seen wildfires of exceptional scale and intensity in recent years.

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