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Isabel Mass

Isabel Mass


accountants at 32

from 1Verse July, Demers Beaulne’s accounting firm’s workweek will be increased to four days. Salary will remain unchanged, while employees will work 32 hours instead of 40 hours. “It’s no secret: Recruiting is a real jungle,” says Catherine Dubois, Senior Director of Culture, Wellbeing and Engagement at Demers Pullen. We have turned this situation into an opportunity. Why not apply the idea of ​​techno to a more conservative environment? This is our response to the labor shortage. »

Catherine Dubois says the new schedule, which will be implemented during the company’s less turbulent months (July through December), has already attracted many recruits and increased employee engagement. “I closed five employees last week,” she says.

How are you adapting to customer needs with this new schedule? “We have contacted a few of them in advance to see what they think of the matter, and the response has been positive,” says the lady.me the wood. I am convinced that the customer experience will not be affected. Changes will be made as needed. »

the quote

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Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton

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the number


It’s the percentage of leaders in the United States who believe employees will be back full-time at their workplace by the end of the year, according to a study by GoodHire. Nearly 80% of managers say they are ready to impose severe penalties (dismissal, loss of social benefits, etc.) against rebels, at a time when many employees are enjoying remote work and are considering a return to hybrid mode. the magazine luck He cites as an example the half of the 10,000 employees at Goldman Sachs in New York who did not respond to the bank’s urgent plea in February, a labor shortage playing in their favour.

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brings back loblau

In order to reduce carbon emissions, Loblaw reviews non-recyclable packaging in Canada of its 35 varieties of President’s Choice, No Name and ground coffee. “The new packaging features Boardio technology and is made from paper that is at least 80% renewable, recyclable and sustainable, according to FSC standards,” reads a press release. The new packaging won the award (PAC World Awards 2022) for the President’s Choice Team.

(source : food news)

the thing

The five-hour rule

Successful leaders or people devote at least an hour a day (or five hours a week) to learning. This is often done by reading books…or listening to audiobooks on the go. More than a third of millionaire entrepreneurs do so, according to a review by author Thomas Corley. And most don’t do it for fun! “Since I was a kid, reading has been the best way for me to learn,” said Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.

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the study

The happiness of the employee or the company?

Crop scan, dubbed The most obvious skill needs for Quebec companies, explains that the importance of certain criteria and values ​​for filling a position varies, whether the person is a job seeker or an employer. The following three examples represent the importance that individuals and organizations place on them:

  • • Tasks to be performed/role: 77% for employees and 55% for employers;
  • • Company missions and values: 36% vs. 45%.
  • • Future prospects: 23% vs. 36%.

If the role and tasks are the most important criterion for employees, they rank third only for those who do the hiring, behind the company’s atmosphere and culture. Which is why Dominic Burdge, CROP’s vice president, says that “managers’ discourse is primarily focused on the company,” we read in the Formations Infopresse blog. “The employee doesn’t want just one job. He wants to find a reason to go beyond table football, free coffee and social activities (standards that the manager overestimated). The employee wants to fulfill himself. He wants to be fulfilled.”

(Source: Infopresse training)

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