Drive to Survive Season 4 is coming to Netflix

With Bahrain testing in full swing, the fourth season of Drive To Survive launches on Netflix on Friday. The fourth season of the docuseries takes a look back at the 2021 championship, the scene of the intense title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

The series is already entering its fourth year. Thanks to this series, the attraction of Formula 1 has grown in strength around the world. In the United States, in particular, many new fans have joined the series. It is also very popular in France, in a country F1 has long been considered a sport from another era.

Everyone has a place in this chain

The title fight won’t be the only theme for Season 4. The directors try to make a story about each team. Small teams are also getting the attention they need and it’s interesting to see how they battle against the big teams. Some fans criticized the series for not paying attention to the network’s background. However, the final two episodes of the season will be entirely devoted to fighting for the world championship.

Fierce battle for the title of world champion 2021

The directors of Drive To Survive had materials to build for this fourth season. In fact, 2021 was one of the most disputed seasons. It was marked by many ups and downs between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Season 4 will also take a look at Esteban Ocon’s victory in Hungary, one of the highlights of the year for French fans.

Max Verstappen, absent from heavyweight

However, Drive To Survive will have to do without Max Verstappen, who did not want to appear in the series. According to the reigning world champion, the show creates competitions that don’t exist. Still, he says, certain tensions between the drivers arise from scratch and do not reflect the reality of the circuit.

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