DRC: Through WFP, the UK announces approximately USD 13.2 million contribution in support of 140,000 IDPs

The UK announces £ 13.2 million equivalent to உலக 10 million through the World Food Program (WFP) to provide financial assistance to more than 140,000 internally displaced and vulnerable people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Recipients will receive US $ 14 per person per month. This will enable them to buy nutritious food and other essentials to meet the needs of their families.

By December 2022, British funds will help WFP achieve some of the nation’s most hungry, especially in areas facing crisis situations or emergencies of food insecurity. This includes those who have been violently uprooted or are now returning to their homes, and the communities that run them. Explains the WFP’s press release.

According to Moumini Ouedraogo, WFP’s Executive Deputy Director at the DRC, the UK is one of the largest contributors to the food crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The UK is one of WFP’s most generous contributors to our DRC cash assistance program, and this recent donation was timely. Millions of starving people in this country do not have much to celebrate this year. This new and generous infusion of funds provides light and hope for 2022 Moumini Ouedraogo, WFP’s Deputy Executive Director at the DRC.

For nearly two years, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been facing one of the world’s biggest food crises, and it will not be eased.

The crisis affects more than 27 million people, of which about 3.4 million children are severely malnourished.

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