Double by Raphael Picard in Eagle Junior

Mauritian baseball has had two Raphael Picard in its ranks for many years.

One was born in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, the other a native of Troyes-Riviere. People were often wrong about themselves and their very similar journey didn’t help the cause. It’s likely to be different this summer as they’ll be sharing the same outfit for the second time.

In fact, don’t be surprised if you hear, live from Coilorama Stadium, that “Raphael Picard is coming to the racket, which Raphael Picard will follow.” The two Mauritanians play for Trois Riviere Junior Eagle in the Quebec Elite Baseball League (LBJEQ).

“I love everything about baseball, especially the fact that it is a late development sport. Early in my career, I was not at my best and the older I got, the better I excelled,” says Treflovian, who is currently studying remotely at level 6. Secondary, affiliated with an institution in Ontario, I am hoping to land a baseball contract at an American college.

“For my part, I fell in love with baseball by following my dad,” said San Alexis de Montes, a native who studies heavy vehicle mechanics. “I would have seen my dad playing and hitting balls, in addition to seeing him coach at Les Estacad academy. I really like everything about baseball, especially the team spirit. We have fun with the guys looking forward to the championship.”

As mentioned above, the athletes’ path is similar. They were selected by the Canadian Baseball Academy (ABC) with a one-year break.

“It was still difficult and it took a period of adjustment,” says Trifluvien. We went from two workouts a week to four, plus weekends we often played four games. We had a great time and I really liked the atmosphere with the team. I had to go back with them this winter, to Montreal, but with COVID-19, I decided to stay home to join Junior Eagles. “

“I really liked my experience and it went well even if it was the most difficult,” testifies from his side, one year younger. “We were often in the United States and played so many games and many tournaments. It’s really not the same feeling or the same feeling of playing for a team and fighting for the overall ranking. I’m so happy to be back playing Trois Riviere with my childhood friends. We have to have good chemistry with the team.” Again this year. “

Final dream

Baseball players know that few Quebecers have managed to climb to the top of the mountain, but they want at least the chance to reach its feet.

“I would definitely like to get an offer from an American college at the end of the season, but if I don’t have a winning bid, I will continue my studies at Laval University. My studies have always been a priority, and if I can play baseball, that’s a plus,” explains this native of Troyes Riviere.

“I’m definitely aiming for a good season and a good hitting season. I’m looking for a contract in the NCAA or in Junior College. We have already had discussions with dozens of colleges, but I don’t really care about them that much. I don’t want to stress myself with this either. I am now in Quebec and I am playing in Quebec. Then comes what might happen, ”said the man who played six different places last year with the Little Eagles under Remy Doucet.

Obviously, since they have the same name, they have been confused time and time again since the beginning of their careers.

“Since I started playing baseball, people have mistook Raphael Picard. The other Rafael played with Louisville and I’m with Cap de la Madeleine. Louisville always went to the county championships, but people came to congratulate me a few weeks later,” recalls the elder Picardin.

“For example, you are the third or fourth journalist who confused me on the phone (laughs),” Aleximontois adds. “When we played together at the Estacades, I remember starting the match as a starting cream. Then the coach replaced me with the other Raphael. We remember that there were a few murmurs and the spectators wondered when the announcer confirmed that Rafael Picard is coming to Raphael Picard.”

Given the current pandemic, it is still too early to say whether LBJEQ will be able to move forward with a regular schedule or revert to interdepartmental schedule coordination, as was the case last summer.

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