Dordogne. The culture of sharing in the ephemeral Espace François Mitterrand

This garden will be at the same time a vegetable, flower and orchard. (© D.Nidos / CD 24)

Organizing the relationship between culture and nature through landscape creativity, this is the aspiration that the transient gardens of François Mitterrand’s cultural space have been carrying for nearly 25 years. This year, the new garden is themed “Cultivons notre jardin”.

Designed by Paysage Concept, winner of the Call for Projects, this ephemeral garden responds to this theme with the desire to “grow sharing”: to share its knowledge, experiences, secrets, and discoveries, but also to share its garden, its emotions, its colours, its aromas, its taste, its qualities.

The stated desire is to offer a living and lush garden, evolving with the seasons, arranged to move in, meet, learn, play, consume, and have fun.

This garden will be at the same time a vegetable, flower and orchard. It is a place of production, a garden on the plate. Another desire is to present a garden conducive to communal living, while also referring to allotment and family gardens, so that everyone can make it their own.

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