‘Don’t Look’: What is the popular feature film inspired by the Netflix movie?

New from Netflix not to be missed, Adam McKay’s shocking comedy Don’t Look: Cosmic Denial, with actors Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Timothée Chalamet, Tyler Perry, Cate Blanchett, or even Ariana Grande, is inspired by a cult movie. .

Director Adam McKay (Vice, The Big Short, Anchorman) said it was inspired by the 1975 movie Teeth of the Sea, directed by Steven Spielberg. While the black comedy shows two astronomers not taken seriously as they “try to warn A whole world of imminent danger – a comet is about to collide with our planet, causing the extinction of the human race – Spielberg’s film for Amity Island City Council showed reducing swimming risks so as not to spoil the July 4 festivities, and that’s after a shark attack had just killed a victim.

“It’s not the most conceptually and bizarre notion of a disaster movie where people don’t really believe in disaster brewing. It’s like the mayor in The Dents of the Sea (who said, in response to oceanographer Matt Hooper who warned him that a shark was threatening Swimmers): “You’d like to prove it, wouldn’t you? For your name in National Geographic? And there, two devoted astronomers in the middle discover their lives, a killer asteroid is heading straight to Earth, and they find themselves compelled to warn everyone and take a tour. media, Adam McKay said in the New York Times Magazine.

multifaceted head

As for Meryl Streep playing a completely irresponsible president of the United States, the character was inspired not just by one person but by several real American presidents, the director captivated.

“I took a little bit of each one, so you have a kind of empty Reagan-like personality.” You have the used-car salesman side of Bill Clinton, and the seriously unqualified George W. Bush. Then I got — I voted for him, but let’s be honest — Barack Obama, very comfortable with pennies. And then of course Trump’s unleashed narcissism,” MacKay explained to PopSugar.

The proverb in the apocalypse, “Don’t Look Up” aims to make people laugh to bring out a collective awareness of the terrible fate awaiting humanity, promised the worst (if not by a devastating comet) because global warming has not been taken seriously either by the population or by Decision makers around the world. It also attacks capitalism and its billionaire mentors, the politics of entertainment or even the senseless agitation of social networks. A real success, beware, will put the nerves of those who are sensitive to human stupidity to the test.

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