“Don’t come to Florida,” says the doctor in the United States

Dr. Julian J. Kawanak did not go on all four roads during Friday’s Jaws show.

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“I know Quebecs love Florida very much, but I want to tell my Quebec friends tonight not to come to Florida even when the border reopens, because even the virus cycle is being vaccinated, you have to be exposed, it’s dangerous to come to Florida now,” he said. He says.

Dr. Gavana splits his time between Boston and Atlanta on the East Coast, where vaccination rates and health measures play a very important role in the severity of the spread of the delta variation.

“I see the difference because in Georgia, with 50% vaccine coverage, we have 75% in Massachusetts, we do not have the same virus cycle, in addition, people in New England follow health measures”

As a result, Delta complicates the work of the entire health network, which is at the center of this new wave.

“The situation is very serious, Georgia is facing a rising tide every day. We have escaped a little bit, but here this wave is coming from the south and west and the number of patients admitted to the hospital is increasing every day,” explains Dr. Julian J. Cavanaugh.

Also in the southern areas floors and emergencies are filled very quickly.

“Not all of these patients have covit, patients stop having heart attacks and strokes, so it’s a breakdown of the ongoing maintenance chain. We are,” Julian J. Kavanagh recalled.

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The doctor hopes that higher vaccination rates in the northern states and Canada in the coming weeks will reduce the spread of the virus and the delta variation

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