Donald Trump’s son is questioned by District Attorneys General

Donald Trump Jr. made an affidavit on February 11, a document filed Tuesday in the District Court of Columbia District and revealed by CNN for the first time.

Last year, the District Attorney’s office filed a lawsuit against the Donald Trump Nominating Committee and the Trump Organization, of which Donald Trump Jr holds the executive vice president position. The entities are accused of embezzling funds to enrich the family business of the former White House tenant.

Testimony of Donald Trump’s son He raised additional questions about nature From the hotel statement that the Public Prosecutor’s Office investigated, the prosecution is required in the court’s request to postpone the date for submitting evidence.

In his application to court, Attorney General Karl Racine also called for the testimony of three new witnesses, who will be in addition to the ten who have already been heard, including Ivanka Trump. The eldest daughter of the former US president, who was also his advisor during her tenure at the White House, made a testimony last December.

Prosecutors allege that the Trump Organization, after signing a contract worth about $ 50,000 with the Loews Madison Hotel for a number of rooms in January 2017, referred the memo to the Nominating Committee, which then returned it.

Three witnesses were interviewed on this subject Conflicting explanations about the subject matter of the contract and the reasons for the Nominating Committee’s approval to pay itThey wrote. None of the witnesses provided a complete or accurate account of the circumstances of the bill.

The plaintiffs also attached notes from the collection agency regarding the payment of the bill to the file.

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Rick Gates is vice chair of the Nominating Committee It will guarantee the payment, but it needs to change the name. We cannot say the Trump OrganizationCan we read in a note from July 2017.

They all seem to be pointing their fingers at each other and making up excuses for not paying, and it seems like another ploy to write the organization off it.Later note, he said.

Donald Trump avait I raised $ 107 million As for the celebrations surrounding his inauguration, nearly double the precedent that Barack Obama established eight years ago.

Despite the record jackpot, the celebrations were less lavish than those of some of his predecessors.

Documents obtained by ABC News in January 2019 show that the Donald Trump Nominating Committee also spent more than $ 1.5 million at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, before he took office on January 20, 2017.

In sight of Manhattan prosecutors

Donald Trump’s son does not seem to have reached the end of his sentences. Tuesday, The Daily Beast It revealed that the Manhattan County attorney in New York, who is leading a criminal investigation into the case of Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, had extended their investigation and had a special interest in Trump’s eldest child.

On Monday, the US Supreme Court The former president refused, Who wanted to protect his tax returns and other financial documents from the investigation.

Mr Trump had appealed a lower court ruling last October requiring his accounting firm, Mazars USA, to comply with a Cyrus Vance’s document filing order.

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The investigation by New York Attorneys General focuses particularly on the payments made during the 2016 presidential campaign to two of Donald Trump’s presumed ex-girlfriends following the revelations of his former personal attorney and former confidence man Michael Cohen. The latter was also Convicted in this case.

In August 2020, documents submitted by Cyrus Vance’s office indicated that Scope achieved It has expanded into potential insurance bank fraud.

Michael Cohen told Congress in 2019 that his former client overestimated his financial fortune when dealing with banks, while minimizing it with the tax authorities.

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