Donald Trump, the “black grandson” of Mar-a-Lago, on the campaign trail

Coming out of his lair at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach (Florida), he formally endorsed 400 Republican candidates in 2022, testing the loyalty of those who sued him to honor his presence at certain sites. More than 90% took the handle between them and passed the primary filter. As a result, 58% of Americans live in jurisdictions likely to be won by Republicans who openly deny the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory in 2020. Affecting three out of four patrons, this cancer is the focal point of the organs. “Trump Shows”. “It’s a real cult of personality, it’s all about him,” notes Mike Noble, analyst at pollster OH Predictive Insight.

Ron DeSantis, a dangerous competitor

“We’re at Trump’s meeting, aren’t we?” the harasser begins, before venting his displeasure and mocking Democratic Party leaders Joe Biden. He devotes only a few minutes to the candidate he has come to support. Sometimes the sarcasm is extreme, like in Ohio JD Vance, famous author of the novel “Hillbilly Elegy”. “JD licks the NC…, he wants my support so bad,” Trump quips, before turning to the thing he cares most about: himself.

The former president identified his most dangerous rival: Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor, a former baseball player and military judge attached to the Navy Seals. The latter has slowly, intelligently disarmed himself from Trump, gaining the reputation of “America’s governor” by promoting “individual liberties” and then deporting illegal Latino immigrants to the island of Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts), the hand of the most powerful Democratic families. .

This massive media stunt earned him instant national fame. Conclusion: Ron De Santis is no longer welcome at Mar-a-lago and may incur the wrath of newly retired West Palm Beach. A meeting in Florida on November 6th will be held without a governor, suddenly without a governor in his home state. As he waits to officially announce himself as the 2024 presidential candidate, Donald Trump is hitting his stride.

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Two major states, Pennsylvania and Arizona

For Democrats, the dilemma is over: Should we brilliantly ignore the Trumpian scarecrow or let elected Republicans aligned with the former president succeed? The first interested party has always restricted himself to repeating himself: “All publicity is good, positive or negative. » By occupying the media landscape, the former New York real-estate developer retained opportunities to dismiss his rivals, including the ambitious DeSantis.

There is the whole question of his role in the upcoming midterms. Two key states, Pennsylvania and Arizona, offer lessons for its future. First, the Trumpian legacy has not paid off in the polls. Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz declined to name his mentorTrump supporter Doug Mastriano is struggling in the gubernatorial race against Democrat Josh Shapiro.

Second, the president’s “foals” would, in an ideal position, be able to lock down the election verification process in the event of victory. Kari Lake, Abraham Hamadeh and Mark Finchem, seeking the positions of governor, attorney general and local secretary of state, respectively, wholeheartedly support allegations of widespread election fraud and, in two years, will be in a better position to prevent a repeat. The White House for Joe Biden. It will be fixed within a week of the upcoming test for American democracy and the possibility of a curious rematch between the two 2020 adversaries.

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