“Donald Trump has lied all his life,” says Nicole Bachchan

If Donald Trump wins the November 2016 election, he will not be invested until January 2017. According to the protocol, Trump swears by the Bible and takes the oath of office before the President of the Supreme Court.

Usually, we see a lot of stars for the nomination because it is the moment of celebration. We remember it Barack Obama, Which is a historic event, was attended by Beyonc மற்றும் and Aretha Franklin and Alicia Keys. To Donald Trump, Jackie Evanzo, 16, is a former Tele Hook candidate.

“Nobody wanted to go, Melania Trump was there too It is very difficult to find a designer Nicole Bachchan, a historian and political scientist, reveals, “to draw him and make his costumes.” Also during the speech, from credible sources, George W. You could tell Bush was sitting next to Hillary Clinton and biting her. Teeth and told me: ‘But what is all this nonsense?’ So it really wasn’t like anything and it was scary, ”she continues.

He has been lying all his life

Nicole Bachchan

“The crowd was not much and we went home from there In denying reality: Trump confirmed that in 2009 there were more people than Obama, “says Nicole Bachchan.” He always lied, he lied really for the rest of his life (…) Completely magnified ego And very fragile. That is, the minor criticism is unbearable and he cannot accept it, so he immediately provokes it. Nuclear response If I dare to destroy enemies, “she finishes.” We saw a sad joke, a kind of mockery, a sad joke in the United States, “said Flavie Flement of Trump’s visit to the White House.

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