Donald Trump declares war on Republican Senator Mitch McConnell

The two men were split well, after a marriage of convenience that lasted four years. And the fight for the future direction of the party is by leaps and bounds.

The Republican Party or its power can never be respected again with political “leaders” like Senator Mitch McConnell at its head.Donald Trump thundered from the start in a statement issued by his political committee Save America (Save America) under the title that refers to 45 President of the United States.

He lost the majority in the Senate and It will get worseHe shouted, saying that he regretted his support for re-election, which he credits with his support.

He will not do what needs to be done or what is good for our countryDonald Trump argued. He called his former allyFrugal, frowning, conceited, who never smiles He criticized him for being a politician in the state Whose Political acumen, wisdom, skill and personality She is lacking.

If the Republican Senators stayed with him, they wouldn’t win anymore.

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States

Donald Trump also accused him of contributing to both Defeats the Senate in GeorgiaOn January 5, because he did not believe he fought to defend election integrity. The Democratic elections gave back control of the Senate.

On the contrary, Mr. McConnell considered that the accusations of electoral fraud, repeatedly fired by the former president, contradicted the facts, alienated voters.

Last Saturday, Mitch McConnell lined up behind his party rally, which mostly rejected the conviction of Donald Trump, the accused.‘Incitement to revolt’ In the aftermath of his supporters’ attack on the Capitol.

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There is no doubt – nobody – that President Trump is tangibly and morally responsible for causing the events [du 6 janvier]. There is no doubt about this, Signed into the Senate circuit afterExoneration of the former president.

The people who broke into this building thought they were acting on the desires and instructions of their boss, To lament the Republican leader, who, however, argued that the Senate did not have the authority to remove the former president who had become Simple citizen.

Several other Republicans who acquitted Donald Trump also advanced the constitutional argument.

Senators found him guilty, 57 to 43, which is an insufficient threshold for his conviction. Only seven Republicans joined the Democrats.

The Republicans who dared to oppose the former president, whether those seven members or the 10 lawmakers who supported the trial of Donald Trump, have suffered from the ire of their own party supporters. The formation’s electoral base shows, by an overwhelming majority, unyielding loyalty to the former president.

Many of these elected officials were subjected to censure proposals adopted by local republican bodies.

The struggle for party orientation

Donald Trump waves his hand before boarding the Presidential Marine One helicopter, after leaving the White House for the last time, shortly after 8 a.m.


The former Republican president also threatened to support, When necessary and appropriateCandidates who want to Make America great (Make America Great Again, MAGA) and those who would oppose elected members of training who would campaign for re-election.

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We want bright, strong, thoughtful and compassionate leadership, He said.

In an interview with Wall Street Journal Posted the day before, Mitch McConnell did not rule out getting involved in the party primaries in the 2022 midterm elections in order to improve his forces’ chances of regaining control of the Senate.

He said the Republicans who emerged victorious in the primaries lost the general election.

In districts not obtained from either side, some candidates, valued by Republican rule, faced the end of not receiving all voters, who found their positions too extreme.

What matters to me is the ability to voteSenator McConnell referee.

The latter appears to have wanted in the past few weeks to make the formation distance himself from a former president who is highly regarded by the Republican electoral base, but twice lost the popular vote.

According to a report published by the media The Hill Before the verdict, senators who were intending to acquit Donald Trump, on condition of anonymity, rejoiced that the Democrats charged him, because they believed he would come out of the proceedings questionable.

After the trial, Maryland Gov., Republican Larry Hogan, a fiercely critical of Donald Trump, expected A. A battle for the soul of the party.

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley criticized her former boss. After the attack on Capitol Hill, she said in an interview with the Politico website that the Republicans would not You shouldn’t follow him […] And listen to it It shouldn’t Don’t let it start over again.

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Everyone is far from sharing this passion. Instead, Donald Trump’s allies, such as Senators Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson, blamed the Senate minority leader for his Saturday exit.

The inhabitant of Mar Alaghu remains The most powerful force in the partySenator Graham confirmed to Fox News that the movement Itself It must go on.

Another sign of the strength of the Trump movement is the Republicans’ decision to side with their controversial fellow conspirator Marjorie Taylor Green. Expelled from the House of Representatives committees That I sat on.

Mitch McConnell stated that she is Doesn’t actually live He called conspiracy theories Cancer for the Republican Party.

Liz Cheney, one of the party leaders in the House of Representatives, on the contrary, after she voted in favor of impeachment, He faced a challenge to drive him. But she survived.

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