Documents on Afghanistan working with Afghanistan-Britain departed at the British Embassy

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August 27 (Reuters) – Foreign Office staff left documents on the ground at the British embassy in Kabul containing contact details of Afghans working in the UK, the Times reported.

The newspaper reported that documents identifying seven Afghans were found by Times reporters on Tuesday as the Taliban patrolled the embassy. The Times reported that contact details of three Afghan employees and eight family members were sent to the Foreign Office.

“We were able to bring these families to safety,” a Foreign Office spokesman told Reuters.

“The withdrawal of our embassy was made at a rate worsening the situation in Kabul. All efforts were made to destroy key efforts,” the spokesman added.

The documents included the names and addresses of embassy staff in Kabul and contact details, CVs and addresses of candidates for interpreter positions.

Times calls to numbers in abandoned documents revealed that some of those named had been deported to the UK in recent days.

According to the newspaper, the fate of at least two candidates for interpreter positions is unknown.

(Kanishka Singh; French version by Camille Renat)

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