Do you often shoot with your smartphone?

Do you shoot with your smartphone? That’s the question we’re asking you in our survey this week.

Source: Robin Wake – Frandroid

with every generation of smart phonesThe builders compete with ideas to highlight the photo qualities of their little companions. But few are those who highlight the ingenuity in the video. When this is the case, we often talk more about gimmicks, and little add-ons, but rarely about real, outright gains. In general, video ads come after display advertising, which is more useful. Moreover, we do not yet have a buying guide dedicated to this topic, while the guide is dedicated to The best camera phonesIt has been around for several years.

We can certainly attribute this situation to the fact that Apple has long dominated the competition at this point Iphone. But isn’t evil deeper? Some in the editorial staff have raised the idea that the video may not have been of interest to phone buyers. Basically, apart from some family evenings, we were not used to making use of this feature on a daily basis.

Do you often shoot with your smartphone?

For this reason, and in order to see more clearly, we chose to ask you the question directly: Do you use your smartphone for photography?


Do you often shoot with your smartphone?

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As always, feel free to explain your choice in the comments. We will publish the results of this survey at the end of the week.

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