Dixie Fire became the 3rd largest in California history

Greenville | The massive wildfire that struck northern California on Friday became the third largest in recent California history, and its expansion could continue.

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Prolonged drought, which scientists believe is linked to climate change, has made Western America particularly vulnerable to these devastating fires.

The Dixie fire, which destroyed the small town of Greenville this week, has burned more than 170,000 hectares since it erupted in mid-July.

“People who have lost homes and businesses … their lives will never be the same,” Blooms County Sheriff Todd Johns, who is helping coordinate efforts against it, told a news conference. Lived in Fire and Greenville forever “.

“My heart is broken at what happened in this city of 800 people,” he said. “Sorry for everything I tell you.”

Burnt, Greenville showed nothing but Friday’s ruins. All the wooden structures turned to ashes and some stone buildings turned to rubble.

If no one has been injured by the fire so far, it is important to ask locals for evacuation advice, Todd Jones said.

“This fire is not over yet. If even a little bit of that smoke goes your way, you have to be prepared. Where the wind blows (the fire) will go.”

More than 5,000 firefighters put out the blaze, whose smoke was visible from space.

Authorities expected a fire to break out as winds blew in on Friday.

These landslides, combined with the rough terrain and abundant, very dry vegetation, made the efforts of firefighters even more difficult.

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174 000 ha

The Dixie fire spread to an area of ​​174,000 hectares overnight, a larger area than the Bootleg fire, destroying the state of Oregon further north.

Its flames have grown enough to create their own climate.

Wildfires are common in California, but they are increasingly devastating due to climate change.

By the end of July, the fire had destroyed two and a half times more vegetation than the same period of 2020, but it was the worst year in terms of fire in California history.

Dixie Fire painfully reminds me of Paradise Island 2018, the worst island in California in recent years.

At least 86 people have been killed in a blaze at a faulty power line running through the northern city of Paradise.

Energy supplier Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), California’s largest energy company, has pleaded guilty.

The PG&E tool for Dixie Fire has been questioned again after a tree fell on a power line on the day the fire started.

At the end of July, the company announced that it would lay 16,000 km of its power cables.

Used to fire Greenville. It had already been almost destroyed in 1881, and many fires had plagued its people for the past century and a half.

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