Discover the great winners and Photographer of the Year

Big Winners in Sony World Photography Awards 2021 It was just disclosed. Spotlight on images that combine technical and visual power with stories, and new perspectives on contemporary topics. Discover the Winners and Photographer of the Year 2021.

Combining Technology and Creativity: The Sony World Photography Awards 2021

in between More than 300,000 photographs from 200 countries The Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA) jury has selected the top winners in its international competition. They are four to win the first prize from the categories Open up, guys and discipleAnd well Photographer of the Year Award.

Their projects emerged not only for Their technical strength and visual power But also for Stories They say and New lighting Worn on Contemporary Topics.

International Photography Competition Best Photography is rewarded in 4 competitions (Young, student, professional and open-minded). Created by the World Photography Organization (WPO), in partnership with Sony, it is an unmissable event for the photographic industry on a global scale.

The goal of SWPAs is to celebrate photography and transcend the milieu by combining technology and creativity.. “The goal is to show the power and beauty of photography. Great stories and great artists. It’s about pushing the boundaries of the medium, pushing these stories and finding new ways to tell them,” said Scott Gray, CEO of SWPA, at the awards ceremony.

Photographer of the Year 2021 Open Class

Sony has indicated that the winning images have been chosen for them The ability to communicate a great visual story, along with excellent technical proficiency.

Tamari Codita Based in Zimbabwe, it wins First prize in the Open categoryWith his picture Victorian African. She was selected from among the ten winners in the open competition categories, and competed in C.Creative Achievement.

© Tamari Codita

Illustrated by A. A strong sense of identity. She represents an African woman in Victorian dress, independent and strong, connected to her roots and history. Through this picture, Tamari Codita He declares that he sought to “reimagine the African identity, and make it a hybrid form”. “I decided to photograph African women in light of independence,” adds the absolutely memorable photographer, in her practice, the next great principle “Photography is framing, framing is exclusion. “

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Photographer of the year 2021 youth and students category

Coenraad Heinz Torlage (South Africa), student of the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, elected Student of the Year Photographer 2021. Chain it Small farmers, Will compete in the program, our time requires students to portray their visions of the world, such as that of their contemporaries, and their plans for improving it. He won € 30,000 worth of Sony imaging equipment for his facility.

After that, he was chosen from among the big winners in the six categories of the youth competition, Poparon Basu (India, 19) won a race Young Photographer of the Year 2021 For his picture No escape from reality. His photography very seriously portrays the confinement and the emotions that accompany it. He acquired the Sony Pictures Collection and made his international debut.

© Coenraad Heinz Torlage

© Poparon Basu

SWPA Photographer of the Year 2021

Grand Winner of the Professional Competition, Designated Photographer of the yearHe is British Craig EastonFor his project The highest bank.

The project is in cooperation with the writer and academic Abdul Aziz Hafez. It examines the good and the bad representation of societies in the north of England, with a miniature topic for a very closed area of ​​Bank Top in Blackburn.

I am delighted that this work is recognized by the Sony World Photography Awards. »He announced upon receiving the award. “It is an honor to be able to do so and to question perceptions and stereotypes, this fight is very dear to me.”

« I worked on this project for several years. After watching a TV show about the big bank communities, I wanted to challenge the vision that was being conveyed. I found the generalization made to it does not represent the community that I know. My project instead of a report, is a collaboration. “

“My devices are advanced and bulky. So I’m visible with this big camera. It’s an important part of the process. We decide with members of the Bank Top communities, where to put the frame, and how to take the photo. We debate. I’ve been invited to residents’ homes, and I don’t have a therapist (person). He knows the terrain and introduces the photographer to the communities he wishes to photograph. ”I am an advocate of the practice of reaching people and their environment. I am genuinely interested in their stories. From this note they want to tell you about them.. »

If he takes part in SWPA 2021, he is driven by the need to “take society out of society, to present it on a global scale, beyond its borders”.

The project is part of Craig Easton’s work in the north of England, which also includes Thatcher childrenHe worked on the nature of poverty across three generations. He’s got a grant of $ 25,000 plus Sony camera equipment to pursue his projects.

Review the winners announcement ceremony

Here is the video of the concert that, this year, could not have taken place in a physical way due to Covid-19:

Here are also the winners in the Professional category:

And architecture and design

Winner: Tomáš Vocelka (Czech Republic) for the Eternal Fishing Game series

Finalists: 2nd Place Frank Machalovsky (Germany), 3rd Place Guanghui (Mainland China)

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Winner: Mark Hamilton Groshi (UK), for The Moon Revisited

Finalists: 2nd place, Luigi Busolati (Italy), 3rd place Sasha Bauer (Russian Federation)

Documentary projects

Winner: Vito Fusco (Italy), for his series The Killing Daisy

Finalists: 2nd place Craig Easton (UK), 3rd place Lorenzo Tugnoli (Italy)


Winner: Simone Tramonte (Italy) for the Net-zero Transition series

Finalists: second place Muhammad Madadi (Islamic Republic of Iran), third place Antonio Perez (Spain).

natural views

Winner: Majid Hajati (Islamic Republic of Iran) for the series Silent Neighborhoods

Finalists: 2nd place Andrea Ferro (Italy), 3rd place Fyodor Saventsev (Russian Federation)

a file

Winner: Laura Pannack (UK) for her Portfolio Overview

Finalists: 2nd place Bryce Lorenzo (Spain), 3rd place Luli Laborio (Argentina).


Winner: Craig Easton (UK) for Bank Top

Finalists: 2nd Place Julia Fullerton Patten (UK), 3rd Place Jane Hilton (UK)


Winner: Anas Al-Kharboutly (Syrian Arab Republic) for his series “Sports and Fun” instead of War and Fear.

Finalists: 2nd place, Patrick Minhart (Spain), 3rd place, Farzam Salih (Islamic Republic of Iran).


Winner: Peter Eleveld (Netherlands), for his Still Life Composition, Shot on Wet Plate

Finalists: 2nd place Alessandro Pollio (Italy), 3rd place Paloma Rincon (Spain).

Wildlife and Nature

Winner: Louis Tatu (Spain) for the East Africa Locust Invasion series

Finalists: 2nd Place Graeme Purdy (UK), 3rd Place Angel Fitor (Spain)

Graciela Iturbide, an exceptional contribution to photography

And to remember, Graciela Iturbide is this year Prominent contributor to the 2021 Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA).

Graciela Iturbide: Creating a Strong Visual Identity for Mexico

For more information about the winners, visit // World Photography Organization website. Thus you can find out there The virtual exhibition of 2021 holders and winners.

You can also re-discover the projects of the four finalists for the Youth, Student and Professional competitions, in addition to the open competition finalists who will compete for the first prize.

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