Disappointed with Black Widow’s results, cinemas blame broadcasting

After multiple delays, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have finally been able to find a Black Widow movie in theaters. Unlike France where it is prohibited by law, Disney chose an innovative strategy in the United States by simultaneously broadcasting its feature film on its own streaming platform. However, subscribers to the service must pay an additional $30 to watch it.

Streaming increases piracy risks

Although the entertainment giant has already done the same for Mulan, this is the first big test for an expected blockbuster movie. Overall, the company did well in its first weekend, with theatrical productions totaling $159 million in the United States and $218 million worldwide. The company also recovered an additional $60 million through Disney+.

However, this method is far from unanimous and has angered the National Association of Cinema Owners (NATO). quoted The Hollywood Reporterorganized plague against The film’s stunning collapse in theatrical receipts over its second weekend ยป.

In addition, broadcasting tends to facilitate piracy and this “ It clearly has an influence on male-centric fan films. They’ll go and get it for free This prediction was also confirmed as we told you on Thursday, and this feature film was the most illegally shared in recent days.

In the face of these criticisms, Disney has not made any comment yet. According to the American media, which was able to contact internal sources, the company is using large means to address the problem of piracy. In addition, the box office results, although lower than previous films, set a new record for a feature film since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Finally, these simultaneous theatrical and streaming releases aren’t an established rule at Disney. The next Marvel movie, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, It should be released exclusively in theaters.

If you’re interested in this growing competition between theaters and streaming platforms, you can find our analysis looking at the tangible consequences of this rivalry for the world of cinema.

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