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Whether in Quebec or anywhere else on the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic has been disrupting our lives for nearly two years

Here you will find all the news throughout the day related to this crisis affecting residents, governments and the economy.

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Status: 303306288

Dead: 5,481,495

United State

Status: 59388 623

Dead: 836,603


Ontario: 853,270 cases (10,315 deaths)

Quebec: 712,358 cases (11,873 deaths)

Alberta: 395,252 cases (3,338 deaths)

British Columbia: 276,875 cases (2,439 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 89,821 cases (961 deaths)

Manitoba: 94,850 cases (1,408 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 23,943 cases (112 deaths)

New Brunswick: 19,857 cases (170 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 7,537 cases (21 deaths)

Northwest Territories: 2,801 cases (12 deaths)

Yukon: 2,125 cases (15 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 2,463 cases

Nunavut: 977 cases (4 deaths)

Canadian returnees: 13 cases

Total: About 2,482,142 cases (30,668 deaths)

Pharmacist Diane Lamarie explains how to use the rapid tests received by many Quebecers in recent weeks.


8:58 am | COVID-19: Should we be concerned about a new mutant strain that has emerged in Cameroon? An interview with Lionel Berto

7h37 | Previous influence on the level of “influencers”

James William Awad

Instagram photos

Ex-Montreal Impact striker Anthony Jackson-Hammel appears to have been part of the famous “Influencers” trip that rolled down December 30 towards Cancun, Mexico.

It is possible that the 28-year-old was discovered in one of the videos posted on the Instagram account of 111 private club, the company that organized the trip that is currently causing so much ink to flow in Quebec.

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6 x 49 | COVID-19: 2 million cases per day worldwide

France Press agency

On average, more than two million cases of COVID-19 were recorded per day worldwide during the week of January 1-7, a number that doubled in ten days, according to an AFP tally.

An average of 2,106,118 daily cases were registered over the past seven days. The threshold of one million daily cases was crossed during the week of December 23-29, 2021.

6 x 24 | Djokovic’s lawyers cite COVID infection as justification for exemption

France Press agency

Novak Djokovic is not giving up: He has been denied entry to Australia for health reasons, believes he can be exempted from vaccination, as he contracted COVID-19 in December, and requested on Saturday to be able to leave Melbourne detention center in order to ‘be able to train’.

“The date of the first positive COVID PCR test was recorded on December 16, 2021,” the 34-year-old’s lawyers said in a document submitted to the Federal Court, which will benefit the world number one from the exemption from the vaccination imposed by Australia. . His appeal is due to be heard on Monday.

6 x 08 | Celebrate on a Plane: It’s not easy to divert an airplane

Cutting out the crazy Sunwing flight and landing in the US to end the party might sound like a good idea, but it’s not quite that simple.

“Steering a plane is not something that can be done in five minutes. The captain has to notify the company, it takes a new pass, and customs have to be ready to welcome us. It takes half an hour, three quarters of an hour. Depending on the position of the plane relative to its destination, We’ll wonder if it’s really worth it,” explains Frederic Goffin, airline pilot and flight instructor.

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6 o 07 | Less frequent influencers

Camille D

Chantal Poirier’s photo

What shocked the Kickers the most this week? Shedding the burden in the hospital? New measures for vaccines? Not having an examination? No ! Instead, it was Sunwing jet perturbation factors, which were identified as stimuli, that elicited the strongest adverse reactions.

So much so that many are now wondering if companies will want to partner with them again. Is this the end of influencers?

5 h 46 | More than 4,000 residents infected: Cases explode in CHSLDs and RPAs

covid-19 gene

Photo Archive

Variable Omicron does not provide CHSLDs and retirement homes in Quebec as COVID-19 strikes again with more than 4,000 active cases and more than 80 recent deaths.

“It was inevitable that these places would be very conducive to the transmission of the virus and this new variant, which is highly contagious, especially when we see that the virus is spreading throughout the population,” explains the virologist and professor in the Department of Biology. Science at UQAM, Benoit Barbeau.

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