Direct – Atal stressed that measures against Covid-19 “will have an effect” if “fully implemented”

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In an interview with Greek TV on vaccinations on Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron likened the European Union to “diesel” that “starts slowly” but “goes away”.

We are catching up. We’re kind of diesel fuel. We can’t talk much anymore about these engines these days, but they start slowly and go away, ”said the head of state, who was asked to the ERT channel on the Internet. On the occasion of the bicentenary of the independence of Greece.

When asked about the slow start of the vaccination campaign, Macron admitted that he “did not think it would go so fast.” “The Americans had an advantage in the summer of 2020, they said, ‘We put the package on and go.’ So they have more (vaccinations). They had more ambition than us. Whatever cost the accompanying person asked. The procedures, they applied it to vaccines and research,” he said.

“We weren’t fast enough, strong enough at this point. It’s absolutely true and we thought the vaccine would take time to take off (…) and so, maybe we were less starry than some others. And I think this should be a lesson for ourselves. We were wrong in the lack of ambition, I would say madness, to say, “It is possible and we are going. We might be very rational, ”he said.

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