Digital Innovation in Africa 2022: African startups are invited to apply

The competition is aimed at digital SMEs and startups whose vision is to facilitate the provision of digital, cross-border, interoperable and cross-domain services and solutions, while accelerating their digital growth, the competition aims to enhance talent in the African region through social impact and digital initiatives that integrate advanced technologies and innovation Creativity in the form of proposals formulates solutions to the region’s various problems and opportunities.

Indeed, the event aims to reward innovators, entrepreneurs and startups for developing solutions through digital products and services, while making a positive impact on African citizens. This year’s winner will receive recognition in their home country and a cash prize of $25,000, among other non-cash prizes. The competition will focus on three themes, namely, financial technology and electronic solutions. Sustainability solutions, supply chain and finally human development and social services solutions.

To be eligible, several conditions are required, including being a startup or innovator with at least 51% African ownership; To have a registered office in an African country; To be incorporated with the appropriate national body, for example, the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission; Not be a government agency, public administration, political organization, or non-profit organization of any kind, is no more than five years old, and is not part of any brand or license agreements for distribution in another country, etc.

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