Did you recognize the Squid game actor in the movie?

Since Friday, April 8, millions of Netflix subscribers can watch a new South Korean thriller with a star squid game in casting. Can you recognize her?

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Among the news on Friday, April 8th Netflix Face Yaksha, a demon on a mission. A production directed by Na Hyun who described it as “Asian version of spy movieThe movie is about Kang-in, a team leader based in Shenyang, China, who is tasked with carrying out covert operations abroad. One day, the Secret Service discovered that all the local trend reports from Shenyang, sent by Kang-in’s team, are fake. Concern. Extremely, the director of the Secret Service, Yeom Jeong-won, appointed Han Ji-hoon, the attorney general from the Seoul Central Bureau who does not tolerate any illegal act. Keen to restore the law in Shenyang, Han Ji-hoon will quickly confront Kang-in and his team, who will try Get rid of the prosecutor.

Star squid game In Team Yaksha, a demon is on a mission

In the cast of this new South Korean action movie, Netflix subscribers will definitely recognize Park Hae-soo as Han Ji-hoonA prosecutor oversees the Black Ops team in ShenyangThe actor played Cho Sang-woo, childhood friend of protagonist Seong Gi-hun, in the hit Netflix series squid game. distance Yaksha, a demon on a mission And squid gamePark Hae-soo will soon be showing a new series on Netflix: the Korean version of Stealing money. “Hello Netflix fans around the world, I’m Park Hae-soo and I play Berlin in the Korean version of Stealing money (…) For me, it is an honor to participate in such a wonderful series and especially to play the role of Berlin, the amazing character (…) We can’t wait to share the Korean version of Stealing money With you in 2022He explained in a video posted on Twitter.

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Who are the other actors in the movie? Yaksha, a demon on a mission?

Besides actor Park Hae-soo, the movie also features Sol Kyung-Gu who plays the fearsome Ji Kang-in. A character described by the actor as a man “harsh” And “Who can risk their lives to fight injustice and establish justice?Actors Yang Dong-Geun, Lee El (Hee-Won), Song Jae-Rim (Jae-Kyu), and Jin Young (Jung Dae) also appear in the cast of this South Korean Netflix movie.

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