Diaries of a Hunter, Kang Quintus will soon be available on Netflix!

The news broke only a few hours ago. Fisherman’s Diaries will soon become part of the catalog of cinematic works that the popular streaming platform Netflix offers to its global subscribers. This is the first of its kind for Cameroonian cinema, which has just passed a very important milestone.

Through a press release, actor and producer Kang Quintus officially announced the good news for Cameroonians, just a few hours ago. The announcement in question was made from its official Facebook page.

In it, he drew public attention for the first time to the film’s impressive selection as Cameroon’s official selection for Best International Fiction Film at the 93rd Academy Awards. Even if Enah Johnscot’s feat wasn’t nominated, it still had the benefit of capturing the attention of many moviegoers including the global streaming platform Netflix.

Other key information for this press release from Kang Quintus is the recently concluded streaming agreement between his production company and Netflix. In fact, the American broadcast giant confirmed this by announcing that it has now acquired the exclusive rights to this dramatic film in which Cosson Chenoboh stars, Fisherman’s Diaries. An advertisement that automatically makes this cinematic work the first Cameroonian feature film to air very soon on this popular platform.

Hunters Diaries, a great pride of Cameroon!

If the official working release date on Netflix hasn’t been revealed yet, it can’t be delayed. While waiting to deliver it to the public, Kang Quintus seized the opportunity to share his joy with a crowd of netizens who closely follow him: “We are so glad we made history with this movie,” he confirms. “For us, in addition to being a good reward for the hard work done, this agreement will allow our films to benefit from a global audience,” he adds.

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Other than these words, his biggest wish is that Fisherman’s Diaries be the first in a long list, not only for his team and he, but also for many other Cameroonian filmmakers. A vision that Quintus clearly shares with Moses Babtop, Managing Director of FilmOne Entretainment, which aims to make Cameroonian cinema “the African brand that delivers the best African cinematic content in the world, ahead of Nigeria”.

While waiting to see this dream come true, Cameroonians in particular and Africans in general are delighted with the tremendous progress that Cinema 237 has just witnessed.

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