Diablo 4: Achieves Real Beta Milestone, Blizzard Personally Congratulates Him

The latest beta version of Diablo IVthe slam server, He was success, But can the same be said of the players’ adventures? This latest beta highlighted a major challenge: defeat Ashava One of the game bosses in the world.

like Explanation of our previous article, Not everyone was able to defeat the boss, even the game boss in Blizzard failed to finish it as a group. Even lowering the difficulty, this trainer has proven to be quite challenging for many players, but not for them and Diogo.

wudijo kills ashava in level 2 solo, hardcore and world!

You probably know wudijo, this creator who focuses his videos on Diablo has struck again, this time, Challenged by game teams.

In fact, during the community livestream intended for all players, the developers took the time to talk about balancing the boss. During this, they spoke directly to the YouTubers, explaining this Count on him to kill the boss soloAs usual.

Neither one nor two, wudijo was quick to go there during a Server Slam to complete the challenge.

Unsatisfied with the challenge of single-handedly taking on a world boss, Wudijo decides to leave the world on his own. difficulty 2 And play him thief in hardcore Why not after all.

Not everyone was so lucky though. As explained earlier, to many players, It was Ashava very complicated To overcome it is even impossible.

Part of this explains the difference in level between the boss and the players. It’s time to learn attacks Based on Until you get used to To her class of course she also plays and there is no doubt that Ashava will have a lot to fall back on once the game is released for real.

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