Diablo 2: The mini-map bug has been revived

In recent days, many players who have doubled down on the Mephisto Run, Baal Run, or Countess’ cultivation of Ronnie in Diablo 2 Resurrected have complained about terribly broken bugs. After leaving the game and restarting to return the newly created area, the old map is preserved and displayed on the new map during exploration. This makes it very difficult to navigate these vast and maze areas. The problem gets worse as you keep cultivating the area, as different cards will continue to appear on top of each other, making them as easy to read as a plate of spaghetti. The only way to fix it was to completely close the game and then restart it.

The good news is that this issue appears to have been fixed last night with a small 18MB patch that should download automatically when you launch Battle.net or the game. This hasn’t been officially confirmed by Blizzard or the patch notes, but several players confirm that they haven’t encountered the map bug since then.

The release of Diablo 2 Resurrected proved to be more challenging than expected technically, between server issues, stuck or even deleted characters. Various interface elements were also not properly finalized for the output as we indicated in our testing, for example, the lack of a new interface for keyboard and mouse, or the character delete button, which could be used during a moment of inattention.

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