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There are many bereavements that have to happen as you age. For many of my patients, taking the pill for life is one of them. Could we do otherwise and cure diabetes completely?

We know the importance of lifestyle habits for preventing chronic disease. affiliate Ongoing studiesincluding the RESET study, showed that weight loss combined with physical training can treat diabetes without medication.

However, it should be noted that the results are most promising with overweight patients who have had diabetes for less than six years and who do not need insulin.

Some pearls to remember:

  1. Pre-diabetes or early diabetes: Weight loss and physical activity can reverse the disease, before damage to the pancreas becomes permanent.
  2. The main component is weight loss: aim for a 5-10% body weight loss.
  3. Physical activity, especially with periods of high intensity, is key to increasing caloric expenditure and reducing insulin resistance.
  4. Refined sugar is the worst enemy of diabetes, especially soft drinks and juices that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  5. Reducing portions is essential, but the Mediterranean diet will have cardiovascular benefits. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, nuts and fish are preferred.

Changing your lifestyle habits, incorporating physical activity into your daily routine, reducing food portions and eating better… It’s quite a challenge! But I see this in my practice: those who continue the course more often recover from prediabetes and diabetes mellitus, while feeling better about themselves and their vitality. It’s never too late to age better.

In this month of feeding and with good weather, I wish you to find your way to well-being! One day at a time!

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