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Production of the second season of Destiny – The Winx Saga has just begun with good news for fans of the Netflix series of fairies: Flora, the main character of the cartoon, is finally arriving in new episodes!

Fans were hoping, and the team wanted it too: The arrival of Flora, a key character from the Winx Club cartoon, would finally make her appearance in the second season of the live action adaptation of Destiny: The Winx Saga on Netflix. This fairy will be embodied by Paulina Chavez (Ashley Garcia’s Infinite Universe) according to TVLine.

Flora’s absence from Destiny: The Winx Saga has caused controversy over the bleaching since she was replaced by her cousin Terra (Elliott Salt) in the series’ first season in live action. Thus, the character will finally be present for Alfea in season two but another fairy is still missing at the moment, Tecna.

Season 2 of Destiny: The Winx Saga welcomes two more new people: Éanna Hardwicke (Common People) who will play a character called Sebastian and Brandon Grace who will play a character called Gray. The first season cast will apparently be returning for new episodes that have officially begun production in Ireland, Netflix announced via a small video clip.

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