Destiny 2: Symbiote season starts May 11

Bungie announces the launch of the Symbiote season, New season to be released in Destiny 2. In Symbiote season, players will need to revert to the original Destiny 1 raid, Vault of Glass, and hack the inside vex network in the new six-player Seasonal Overload activity, acquire new gear and more. Symbiote season It starts on May 11 and ends on August 24.

Vex threatens the safety of residents of the last city, Flooding the sanctuary of mankind in an endless night. Guardians must ally with Mithrax, Cal House of Light, Who will teach them the sacred path of Symbiote. The Vanguard must learn to master new symbiotic technology To finish simulation and bring back the daylight.

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During Symbiote season, Guardians will have to hack the vex simulator in a new six-player activity In matchmaking Overload, to discover its secrets and steal vex code. Furthermore it, Guardians will be able to take part in the weekly Erasure QuestThey can discover and exploit vulnerabilities in the vex network to make it collapse from the inside.

Lu 22 May, The Guardians will once again have to infiltrate the famous Vault of Glass raid. For starters, guardians have to navigate through space and time in the Vault of Glass in order to find AthionTemporal tear. In the depths of the Vault, the mysterious Vex awaits It must be eliminated before it becomes too great a threat. This is not a complete replica: changes have been made to the Vault of Glass to better match players’ expectations, as well as new challenges, victories and old items, among the favorite players. Waiting to get it.

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Free for all players-Armor Synthesis brings the transformation of destiny and the ability to create universal decorations What piece of shield does a guardian have. Season Pass holders will also have instant access to a Cryosthesis 77K Stasis Exotic Pistol., Global Season Decorations, and bonus XP will allow them to rank faster and unlock rewards, and more.

Symbiote season will run from May 11 to August 24.

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