Denounce the sale of green spaces in Edmundston

The land was ceded to the city about 40 years ago by a real estate developer. The site serves as the entrance to the Madwasca River. Residents of the area do not want to lose this achievement.

“What we want to claim is a plot of land that the developer has left to the residents to give us access, which we have been doing for 40 years and we want to continue to do so,” said Pierre Albert, a resident of the area. .

“The land already has a calling; development is still going on, there are development projects; why did you choose this land when it already has an established community function,” emphasizes Jay Siri, another resident of Park Riviera.

Although the notice of the sale was published in a regional weekly newspaper as well as on the city’s website in early 2020, residents regret not informing anyone in the neighborhood directly.

“I think to this day, if we didn’t know, it’s possible that something was going to be built on the land and it would be really late,” said Tanya Andersen, a native of the same neighborhood.

Citizens claim that some chose to settle in the neighborhood because of this access to the waterway.

“All the families back then and the arrival of the young families today means there are a lot of users of the river, that’s why we want to maintain this lineage,” explained Frans Marques, a citizen of the strip since the 1970s.

The deal is not completed yet. The land is considered surplus by the City of Edmundston. Its sale aims to promote residential development. Only one bidder submitted a bid.

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“The commitment we have made is to consider all possible alternatives; if something is of interest to buyers and for sure citizens, we are doing it the right way,” General Manager Marc Michaud said.

Parc Riviera residents believe this intention to sell goes against the municipal motto, Forte de Nature.

“We use it, it’s for outdoor activities; we advocate this but actions dictate the opposite, that’s what doesn’t work,” Robert Levesque noted.

Opinions about the file are mixed.

“I don’t have a problem with it; I found quite a bit of the way it was done, several points were skipped or not addressed before this was put up for sale,” suggested Claire Carrier who lives on the property adjacent to the land in question.

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