Dengue fever in Reunion: The number of cases has remained at a low level since the beginning of the year in Reunion

From 6 to 19 February, 13 cases of dengue fever were recorded. The number of cases has remained at a low level since the beginning of the year. However, the ARS fears the resumption of the epidemic with the current rains. So vigilance remains in order.

The Reunion Regional Health Agency has observed a lull in the dengue epidemic since the beginning of the year. “the The number of dengue cases remains at a low level. In the ARS section of the press release, this Friday, March 3.

From 6 to 19 February, thirteen cases of dengue fever were recorded on the island. However, the ARS notes new visits to the emergency room for dengue over the same period. Five people were cared for in this service during this period.

Cases are now spread across nine communes: Saint-Paul, Saint-Denis, La Possession, Le Port, Saint-Marie, Saint-Suzanne, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Leo and Petit-Île.

Since January 1, 45 people have contracted dengue fever, and 16 emergency visits have been recorded.

However, the current rains raise fears of a resumption of the epidemic. rain ‘More conducive to the evolution of mosquitoes and dengue vectors’ ARS warns.

The greatest caution is advised. The authorities encourage “The population to continue preventive measures to protect themselves from mosquitoes and diseases.”

To protect against mosquito bites and dengue fever, authorities recommend:

  • Get rid of and empty standing water, which can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes: cups, small bowls, gutters, tires, etc.
  • protect yourself, including during the 7 days following the onset of symptoms to protect those around you (insect repellent, mosquito net, etc.); And continue to protect yourself, even if you’ve already had dengue before
  • Consult a doctor at the first symptoms (fever, headache, muscle/joint pain, nausea, vomiting, etc.)
  • If you are sick with dengue: Continue to protect yourself from mosquito bites
    To avoid transmitting the disease to those around you and to monitor your health condition. Consult your doctor or, in his absence, the emergency service if your health condition deteriorates.

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