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A prolonged eclipse in favor of the Cloud Queens, the Cloud Kings are now beginning to come out of the shadows to take their place in our theaters. “Our art is perfectly valid,” argues Roc-Pierre.

We all know the world of drag queens, anyone is able to name at least one of them, be it Rita Baja, Madhu Lamotte or even RuPaul. But the realm of the Cloud Kings is still unknown.

Besides, what is a drag king? It is about a woman who embodies the man, on stage, through his costume as much as his facial expressions, gait and gestures. In short, the opposite of a drag queen.

“It is true that people know us less,” suggests Roc-Pierre or Marie-Noel Rousseau, to their close friends.

“I could go crazy and say it’s boring. But on the other hand, there aren’t many shows on the drag kings side to the audience. We have to take our place and show what we are capable of,” he adds.

And that is exactly what he intends to do, as of this evening, on the stage of the Espace Libre theatre, Fullum Street. Thanks to Rock Pierre: The Documentary, will trace his personal history, but also the history of the drag kings who preceded him in a series of performances that combined the art of theater and lip sync.


This pulpit, Rock Pierre certainly doesn’t take it seriously. He therefore made sure to use it to educate audiences about the world of the Cloud Kings of which he is one of the main characters, in the company of RV Metal (the alter-ego of Genevieve Labelle, wife of Marie-Noel Rousseau).

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“It sure brings some pressure to know that I represent an entire community. I know I can never fiddle with my thumb or make something simple, just ‘correct.’ I have to put the eraser on every time and show that, contrary to what some people think, it’s a show Fun, drag king show.As much as drag queen show, Rock Pierre explains.

Rock Pierre: The Documentary It is served at the Espace Libre until December 4th.

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