Democratic Republic of the Congo: “The Pink Parliament”, a space reserved for women of all sectors by the National Assembly

On April 2 in Kinshasa, the first session of the Parliament of the Roses was held in the Hall of the People’s Palace. The event, initiated by Christelle Vuanga, National Representative and Chair of the NGO The Wife, aims to bring together hundreds of women working in the political, health, environmental and many other fields every year to expose their difficulties and possibly find solutions.

“When I go on field trips, I meet many women who advocate their problems and difficulties in being the subject of my appeals in Parliament. We have tried to think about it, to give these women from different sectors. An interior space. People limit themselves to them to meet at least once in … Sunnis and discuss their problems, “explains Kristel Vuanga.

In a video clip shown during the ceremony, media professionals, patriotic MPs, priests, women entrepreneurs, actresses, musicians, police officers, and female political figures educated other women about self-esteem. , The struggle for equal opportunity, perseverance, to grit and distinction but also to strong leadership in times of Covid-19.

“This space will allow us, as politicians, legislators and parliamentarians in particular, to be able to adapt solutions to the needs of women. But also to inspire other women, and to benefit from the experience of their peers, to gain courage. It takes getting to the top,” said Vuanga.

While developing the project and searching for potential partners, Kristel Vuanga is confident to experience moments of relaxation. But thanks to words of encouragement and the moral, financial and material support of many people, the Pink Parliament has become a reality. This edition was produced with the support of the Women Parliamentarians Network, with the support of the National Assembly, and in cooperation with the European Union Commission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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