Democratic Republic of the Congo: 11 children abducted by suspected ADF in Ituri (civil society)

Bonia | Eleven children, including five girls, aged between 9 and 17, were kidnapped by the Alliance of Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels on Sunday evening in Ituri village, northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, we said. We learned on Tuesday from a local source.

The rebels led an incursion into the Bundingili Group, on the territory of the municipality of Zunguluka (south of Bunia, the provincial capital), where they took hostage “all the civilians who are there, men, women and children,” Dieudonné Malangi, interim president and civil society secretary of Wallis Funkoto’s chiefdom, said, AFP over the phone.

According to him, there were at least ten displaced families in the village, hiding there to work in the fields.

He added that the rebels, who reached the bush more than 3 kilometers away, “released men, women and a few young children” but detained 11 children aged between 9 and 17, including five girls, “whose fate we do not know.” Director.

This time around, the ADF rebels, accused of killing thousands of civilians in Ituri and in the neighboring North Kivu province, reported no casualties. “According to our analysis and the testimony of the liberated civilians, they kidnapped these children to train them to become fighters,” said Mr. Malangay.

The Allied Democratic Forces, originally Ugandan Muslim rebels, are presented by the Islamic State (IS) as an offshoot in Central Africa and considered the deadliest armed group in eastern DRC.

Ituri and North Kivu have been under siege since May 6, an exceptional measure that is supposed to put an end to the activities of the Allied Democratic Forces and many other groups terrorizing civilians.

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