Delay is better than not: adults on Instagram will no longer be able to message minors who don’t follow them

Instagram offers you a long-awaited new feature to limit interactions between minors and adults. Adults will now not be able to send messages to minors who are not following them, but that is not all.

So now on Instagram any user can message anyone. But that time is over. Indeed, to limit interactions between adults and minors, The social network introduces new features.

As a result, adults will simply not be able to send direct messages to minors who do not follow them. For their part, young users will be alerted when an adult “exhibiting suspicious behavior” tries to contact them. They will then have the option to report or block the adult concerned. Everything is done via some kind of onscreen notification reminding younger people to “be careful when sharing photos, videos, or information with someone you don’t know”.

All of this will be posted to apps around the world in the coming days or weeks, and Instagram has not set a specific date.

Source: Instagram

Artificial intelligence

But it’s not over yet, Instagram has also announced that it is developing an AI that is able to determine the real age of a user when creating an account. It is reported that, in principle, you must be at least 13 years old to create an Instagram account, but on the Internet it is very easy to lie about your age.

However, the social network did not provide details of how this AI was able to solve this thorny problem. In any case, any new teenager who creates an Instagram account will be invited to keep his account private to avoid being contacted by malicious people. And if the young user doesn’t follow Instagram’s advice, they’ll receive a notification shortly after that listing all the benefits of having privacy.

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