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camera soon Infrared (NIRCam, for Near Infrared Camera) is the main photography file James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) in the near infrared range (between 0.6 and 5 micron). This instrument consists of two nearly identical units that indicate adjacent fields of view and can be used simultaneously. Each unit uses dual color for observation also simultaneously in the short wavelength channel (0.6-2.3 μm) and the long wavelength channel (2.4-5.0 μm).

NIRCam is also equipped with Coronagraphstools that enable Astronomy scientists To take pictures of very faint objects around a bright central object, such as star systems for example. Note that NIRCam was used as a wavefront analyzer to help control the alignment and phases of a coil JWST Primary Mirror.

See the universe as it was in the beginning of your time

NIRCam is particularly well suited to the major research topics for which the JWST is designed. Thus, this tool will detect the early stages of formation of stars and galaxies as precursors Ball groups that we observe today. It is also expected to discover light from the beginning stars And the galaxies They form, enumerate stars in nearby galaxies, as well as young stars in Milky Way and objects Kuiper belt. It should also take readings from black matter Across antiquities Gravity lenses and provide important information about protoplanetary disks and outer planets.

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